5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using VentureApp to Grow Your Startup

Being a new startup is both an exciting and nerve-racking time. You’re swimming in an ocean surrounded by thousands of other founders all trying to get the attention of angel investors and VC’s.

Warm introductions are king when it comes to standing out and getting the attention of anyone who can help you in this new world. Of course, you can attend various networking events and connect in person, which I totally advise you do. However, VentureApp has now given startups a similar platform where you can network from your home or office and reap similar rewards.  Here are some other reasons why you should use VentureApp.

1. The Staff

I’ve talked to several people working at VentureApp and every one of them was extremely accommodating.  They’re there to help answer any questions you have and even check in on you from time to time to see how things are going. They truly care about improving your experience and it shows.

2. VentureMaps

This is a great tool to help visually lay out a family tree of connections. Areas of focus include Accelerators & Incubators, Angel Investors, Venture Capital and Innovation Economy. For us, the Angel Investors and VC Map were very helpful in getting a glimpse into the Boston startup landscape. You need to navigate yourself through snowballing warm intros and these maps provide some direction in regards to where your next move should be.

3. Office Hours

In a world where the “warm intro” is king – office hours provide a platform where you can gain access to people you wouldn’t be able to speak with otherwise. I’ve had some very insightful conversations that went beyond raising funds. A few office hour conversations led to future meetings and introductions to other helpful connections. Take advantage of any office hours when you can – you never know where it could lead to.

4. Networking

As painful as it is to admit, it’s often not always what you know, but who you know that can get you to the next level. LinkedIn isn’t the right platform to spark up conversations and build rapport. Everyone using VentureApp is there to connect and communicate with people. You don’t have to worry about your message being ignored here like it often is on LinkedIn and in cold emails.

5. Beyond Funding

Raising capital is obviously one of the key problems for startups. However, it doesn’t mean those are your only problems. Startups have issues with marketing, user growth, product market fit, etc.. VentureApp gives you the ability to connect with specialists that can help in these areas as well. They’re building an ecosystem and one-stop shop for startups to come to and thrive.

As a consumer (or B2C) startup, we’ve been told countless times that the east coast is hard place to build traction because 1) not many consumer startups are here, and 2) not many consumer investors are here (sort of a chicken or the egg situation). VentureApp has enabled us to quickly build a strong network with people we would otherwise need to jiu jitsu our way into meetings with.

If you’re building a B2C or B2B startup in Boston, NYC, or Chicago, jump on the VentureApp train now to start making the right connections – it’s already been an awesome resource for us!

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